If passed, it will be the most significant rollback of the War on Drugs in history. once previously considered "not quite white" to blend together Cuomo yet? $1 Trillion failed war. One man explores the impacts that America's decades-long War on Drugs has had on every faction of humanity. Following the screening there will be a panel hosted by Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office, Voices Of Community Activists & Leaders (VOCAL-NY) and BK Nation. About a dozen officers fire beanbags, tasers, or something else to “subdue” a man in a wheelchair. Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline is a new film and educational program designed to be a free public resource on the school-to-prison pipeline, restorative justice, and youth empowerment. It does not work. witness. We have troops in Central America chasing drug dealers, we have Special Forces and Marines. Tonight @ 7pm in #Baltimore, IBW/The Institute of the Black World 21st Century is hosting a screening of “The House I Live In” which will feature an amazing panel discussion — come on down, it’s free and open to the public! A review of Obama’s record on reforming our broken criminal justice system by Bill Keller. Rebroadcast to be announced soon. 63% of those polled in Washington D.C. support the legalization of marijuana, RT @anamariecox: Finally got around to watching “The House I Live In” last night. So excited to have you here and can’t wait for Sunday. ABOUT THE FILM: Episode 3 of the 3-part series RACE - The Power of an Illusion Episode 3- The House We Live In asks, If race is not biology, what is it? The House I Live In has been televised in over 20 countries! known as "Asiatic Turks," succeeded with the help of anthropologist One of the best docs I’ve seen on Drug War. We’ve recently started an Instagram-based photo documentary project shedding light into the personal lives and struggles of inmates all over the country. Tell Congress: pass the Voting Rights Amendment Act: #Oscars2015…, The personal possession and home cultivation aspects of Alaska’s new marijuana legalization law go into effect today! interviews the great icon activist Angela Davis on prison abolition and the war on drugs. Check out this hilarious clip from The Daily Show ... RT @DrugPolicyNews: NY’ers! — and it has dancing. I’m a transfer, so I am far from my family. RT @indiewire: Danny Glover on the impact of documentary on public policy:, CLICK HERE TO VOTE FOR THE HOUSE I LIVE IN TO WIN THE NETFLIX HI5 AWARD #NetflixHI5 #BRITDOCImpact As the Smarter Sentencing Act is being reviewed by a House committee, even more Republicans are joining in support of these much needed reforms. While three out of five people in jails are legally presumed innocent, they often must wait weeks, months or even years to have their cases resolved.”, RT @ACLU: .…, RT @C4BRITDOC: Questioning policy, changing lives! A short video that breaks down the numbers on mass incarceration in America. on the other side of the color line were denied the same opportunities Puerto Rico joins 23 U.S. states, the District of Columbia and Guam after the governor signed an executive order on Sunday to authorize the use of medical marijuana! A challenge for legitimate marijuana businesses that needs to be addressed. Change the law in UK, US everywhere JUST SAY NO! Watch it in Australia and New Zealand: States across the country need your help to tip the vote. #prison #drugwar #follow #newmexico #nm, RT @DPA_NY: Tomorrow evening join us for the 1st day of our symposium on #Marijuana and Drug Policy Reform in NY @NY…. The U.S. puts more people in prison than any other country on Earth.…, Eugene Jarecki writes an article for TIME Magazine about the future of the digital commons, RT @EugeneJarecki: Check out my first story written for @TIME Magazine. Owners need not ever be charged with or convicted of a crime for their cash, cars, or even real estate to be taken away permanently by the government. Obama wants to raise the drug war budget, but also to shift a greater percentage towards treatment. In examining the impact of the War on Drugs in states across the country, The House I Live In explicitly depicts a war that is not merely rural or urban, or black or brown or white, but American. “In the last thirty years, prison spending in the US has grown way faster than educational spending, increasing by 1500 percent: in California just one university’s been built since 1980 but twenty-two new prisons have gone up. Voting ends today! With 3 more years to go, can dismantling the drug war and ending mass incarceration be this President’s “defining legacy” ? While recognizing the seriousness of drug abuse as a matter of public health, the film investigates the tragic errors and shortcomings that have meant it is more often treated as a matter for law enforcement, creating a vast machine that feeds largely on America’s poor, and especially on minority communities. Shared from Michelle Alexander’s page who noted: “If we’re looking primarily to the top of the pyramid for change we can believe in, we’re looking in the wrong direction.”, “More than 1.5 million people were arrested for drug offenses in the US last year, and more than 693,000 of those for marijuana offenses. RT @Jess_Breslin: It’s hard to think of words after watching The House I Live In. President Obama on Thursday said that America’s decades-long war on drugs, the subject of the documentary The House I Live In, has been “unproductive” and that sending low-level narcotics offenders to prison tears apart families and leads to even more crime. I invite all my friends to see this groundbreaking... WATCH: The President Interviews the Creator of The... President Obama, a fan of the much-more-popular-af... “The war on drugs has failed in West Africa ... With Congress currently debating the controversial... Richard Wershe is 27+ years into a life sentence f... A correctional nurse reflects on her time in a wom... Do you wish Breaking Bad was still on? Franz Boas, who testified on their behalf as an expert scientific Not much surprises me these days but this was totally …, Another reason why we need to reform our prison system. Larry Hogan has decided to take $68 million that lawmakers set aside for schools and use it to shore up the state’s pension system instead — disappointing school officials in Baltimore and other large districts around the state.”, “Last month, Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York unveiled a plan to decrease the population of the Rikers Island jail complex by reducing the backlog of cases in state courts. The House I Live In and Evolution of a Criminal Film mentioned in The New York Times article: “Race, Class, and Creative Spark”. Democracy Now! Its effect on American drug consumption has been negligible. "Colorblind" policies which ignore race only perpetuate these Details here: htt…, RT @MilanoFilmFest: Il cinema di denuncia di @EugeneJarecki nella sezione Colpe di Stato. NPR shouts out The House I Live In in this great article about The Wire, race, culture and class in America. Everyone knows marijuana is far safer than heroin (and most other drugs, including alcohol); that’s established science. “According to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), illicit drug use has been stable at approximately 5.0 percent of the global population., RT @TheOliverStone: Just Say NO to the War on Drugs! Not only would many offenders avoid the crippling mark of a felony record, but the expected savings to the state government of up to a few hundred million dollars per year would be earmarked for mental health and substance abuse treatment, for counseling of potential school dropouts and for victim services, in hopes of breaking the cycle of crime. RT @dogwoof: The House I Live in director Eugene Jarecki on the #WaronDrugs in The Observer, RT @HempNews: As the marijuana economy takes off, let’s not forget the casualties of the US war on drugs > #Amnesty4…, RT @MarkReckons: As the marijuana economy takes off, let’s not forget the casualties of the US war on drugs via @ins…, RT @jnmulholland: As the marijuana economy takes off, let’s not forget the casualties of the US war on drugs Eugene Jareki in Observer http…, RT @TransformDrugs: Let’s not forget the casualties of the US war on drugs @EugeneJarecki calls for legal reg of all drugs…, RT @UKLEAP: As the marijuana economy takes off, let’s not forget the casualties of the US war on drugs | @EugeneJarecki…. It will enlighten you about the exploding prison population and exposes America’s dirty little secret. For more information on Pres. Eugene Jarecki has been invited to Australia for a retrospective of his film career. Shared from Caaav: Organizing Asian Communities, #Blacklivesmatter #ThisStopsToday #AkaiGurley. We did that too… 18 years ago!”. Dear friends, we really need your help today to spread the word! The New York Times continues its week-long series challenging marijuana prohibition. Louisiana has 429 prisoners serving life sentences for nonviolent crimes, the highest number of any state; 91 percent of them are black.” – The Daily Beast, “According to a new study from the Pew Charitable Trusts, illegal-drug use has risen, as has the number of inmates in federal prison on drug charges (a topic of the documentary “The House I Live In”). The Brookings Institution released a new study that shows African Americans are less likely to sell drugs, but more likely to be arrested for selling drugs #NoMoreDrugWar, RT @FreeAssangeNow: Wikileaks’ Julian Assange turns up on stage in Nantucket – as a hologram: When Wikileaks found……, RT @derekhallquist: @EugeneJarecki high fives Julian Assange as a Hologram on @FallonTonight @hulu, RT @Time4Hemp: Julian Assange appears in the United States live onstage — as a hologram – #privacy #NSA #Spying #police……. If the show teaches us anything about the war on drugs, it’s that the drug war just creates more violence and doesn’t stop drug use. Highly recommended, Mexican newspaper El Universal Online has released documents that prove the DEA has allowed the Sinaloa cartel to smuggle billions of dollars of drugs from Mexico into the United States. Please join our campaign to tell your legislators to support the #SmarterSentencing Act! Well worth watching if y…, RT @stopthedrugwar: Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki Talks Drug Reform [FEATURE]: @DrugWarMovie @EugeneJarecki @DrugPolicyNe…, RT @ariannahuff: Just say no…to the war on drugs @EugeneJarecki, RT @melodyjlee: Just Say NO to the War on Drugs! Last night, Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin delivered his State of the State address, and every one of the 34 minutes was devoted to the issue of drug addiction. The New Yo... Dear Mr. Jarecki. Subscribe to their YouTube channel here: RT @TonyNewmanDPA: Watch: Dance Video Calls Out the Colossal Failure of the War on Drugs Thanks @DrugWarMovie and @…, RT @melodyjlee: Check out my piece on @drugwarmovie’s Latest Video ‘JUST SAY NO…to the War on Drugs’ #SmarterSentenc…, JUST SAY NO…To the War on Drugs! See you again in September! It was filled with meth. The Ocean City Free Public Library and Drug Policy Alliance invite you to a FREE screening of The House I Live In this Wednesday, Nov 20 @ 7pm. RT @DrugPolicyNews: NY’ers! While he did not make any suggestions for solutions, he noted the shortcomings of efforts to combat drug trafficking and the effects on everyday citizens. Tell your politicians to support #SmarterSentencing now! As a vote on the Smarter Sentencing Act looms in Congress, stay tuned in coming weeks for a new campaign from The House I Live In to help support the SSA #NoMoreDrugWar, A very well-written article about how the media continues to perpetuate false drug war stereotypes. This is an incredibly powerful documentary- well worth watching. RT @robertgreenwald: @EugeneJarecki important and powerful video and campaign to reform horrific drug laws>, RT @rustyrockets: End the daft drug war. He said the new course “rejects the notion that we can arrest and incarcerate our way out of the nation’s drug problem. “The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana.” says the NEW YORK TIMES Editorial Board. The changes would apply retroactively, lightening the penalties for thousands already in prison or jails. More details here: much more than those in Black, Hispanic or integrated neighborhoods, Two bipartisan bills now under consideration aim to unwind our decades-long mass incarceration binge and to keep it from happening again. It truly is an honor for us to win this award alongside such amazing storytellers. family's residence. #BlackLi... Crucial article by Aljazeera English: “The c... Democracy Now! From the dealer to the grieving mother, the narcotics officer to the senator, the inmate to the federal judge, the film offers a penetrating look inside America’s longest war, offering a definitive portrait and revealing its profound human rights implications. Today, Eugene Jarecki and Rodrigo Morganti visit San Patrignano, the legendary drug rehabilitation center outside Rimini, Italy. #blacklivesmatter, “Protesters Revive a Staten Island Man’s Dying Words”, “Mexico used to supply the vast majority of marijuana in the United States, but that situation is slowly changing due to legalization efforts in America.”. #YesOn91 #Oregon #YesOn71 #WashingtonDC #YesOn2 #Alaska #Florida #YesOn47 #California #NewJersey #Maine #Michigan #NewMexico #Guam #NoMoreDrugWar, Help end the War on Drugs this election day! With our World-Map you can travel the world and select drone, timelapse or 360 videos. Tide turning,but political folly still maddening…how many d…, An interesting way to explain the war on drugs. New York City Council just made a groundbreaking, formal call to decriminalize and legalize marijuana. The figures come from the FBI’s 2013 Uniform Crime Report, which was released today.”, Important announcement from Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office, “The New York Police Department, which has been arresting tens of thousands of people a year for low-level marijuana possession, is poised to stop making such arrests and to issue tickets instead, according to law enforcement officials.”, “The measure passed, and California will now become the first state to defelonize nearly all accounts of drug possession with the intent of personal use”, RT @DPA_NY: Join us 6:30 pm tonight @BAJI for @drugwarmovie & discussion on drug war, mass incarceration, immigrant communities…, “…statistics are even worse in D.C., where blacks are arrested for marijuana possession nearly eight times as much as whites, despite blacks being 50 percent of the population and whites representing 41 percent.”. Please support Paper City – Stop the School to Prison Pipeline! Please spread the word in California – This Tuesday vote YES on Prop 47! @MilanoFilmFest will f... RT @MilanoFilmFest: Il cinema di denuncia di @Euge... From The New Republic: “Much of what creates... RT @DrugPolicyNews: You need to watch John Oliver&... “The militarization of state and local polic... RT @UdiACLU: Militarization of police in #Ferguson... RT @AndreaLance: If you think #Ferguson is an isol... RT @niallscullion: @rustyrockets just watched @Dru... Russell Brand gives us a shout out in his new vide... RT @rustyrockets: In today’s #trews I respon... RT @moryan: IMO Peabody-winning documentary “... Eugene Jarecki has been invited to Australia for a... Know your enemy. Keep moving forward.. “Nowhere in the rest of the western world are juveniles being tried as adults, or even worse, sentenced to life sentences without parole,” the musician said. Drug Policy Alliance – New York Office is hosting a 2-day event on the history and future of the war on drugs in New York. With this video, we are launching our biggest campaign to date – to tell Congress to pass the SMARTER SENTENCING ACT this month. Dear Friends, Absolutely stunning doc on the social injustice of the “War On Drugs” and prison system in the USA. One third of the budget at the Justice Department now goes to the Bureau of Prisons, and if you look out to 2020, it goes up to 40, 45 percent or so.” – Attorney General Eric Holder. h…, RT @GuardianUS: Cuba doesn’t need American paternalism. “Societies don’t overnight completely erase everything that happened two to 300 years prior,” President Barack Obama said. She compares the damage caused by drug prohibition to the destruction of cities in World War II, and makes a point that I believe is absolutely essential: It is NOT enough to end the drug war. http://t.…, “Proposition 47 is a groundbreaking California ballot initiative to reclassify six nonviolent, low-level felonies as misdemeanors and then use the salary savings – in the hundreds of millions – for prevention, education and mental health treatment.”. Please sign this petition supporting the “Second Chance for Ex-Offenders Act”. The effects of incarcerated parents on children is a conversation we all need to have. Almost all Americans agree that the failed war on ... “The federal government should repeal the ba... Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brings you the ... ICYMI: Very exciting news! Watch, sign, share, #EndTheWarOnDrugs, RT @KBZeese: Just Say NO to the War on Drugs! Eugene Jarecki and Rodrigo Morganti wish to think the extraordinary men and women of San Patrignano for their courage, trust, emotional honesty, and a life-changing visit. #420Day may be wrapped in images of “stoners en masse,” but don’t kid yourself – it’s a highly political issue if ever there was one! Continuing in that bipartisan spirit, now that the liberal The New York Times has endorsed marijuana legalization, the conservative National Review says “Hey! But who was white? If passed, the Smarter Sentencing Act will be the most significant rollback of the drug war in history. When this info. RT @TIME: Julian Assange speaks in Nantucket-as a hologram Today the Mayor’s Office announced a $17.8 million program that would help 3,400 non-violent pretrial defendants like Browder avoid bail altogether.”, “America’s war on drugs has proved to be futile as drug cartels have fueled violence on the U.S.-Mexican border. Check out Eugene Jarecki’s new interview in The Guardian, in which he is asked to critically examine the filmmaking of ISIS videos. Watch…. We are so excited that our JUST SAY NO video and letter campaign played a role in ensuring Friday’s decision by the US Sentencing Commission to make recent reductions in drug sentencing retroactive. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver brings you the best commentary on the failed drug war, mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex since, well… The House I Live In — except this one involves a tad bit more humor #NoMoreDrugWar #SmarterSentencing, ICYMI: Very exciting news! But right now, our only obstacle is the Senate — and you can make them act. The problem is that cops who refuse to do their jobs and revel in showing contempt to their civilian leaders are damaging the social order all by themselves….”, RT @Philip_A_Bell: The House I Live In, an absolutely unbelievable documentary that explores the American drug problem like no other. Even while on tour, he finds the time to lend his voice to the fight for justice. But when states in the Deep South, which have long had some of the country’s harshest penal systems, make significant sentencing and prison reforms, you know something has changed.”, “President Obama on Monday will ban the federal provision of some types of military-style equipment to local police departments and sharply restrict the availability of others, administration officials said.”, “Gov. The House I Live In opens October 5th. Simple logic shows that “Love” is always firstly dependent on “Hope” because although you may choose to “Love” another (person or thing), there is no valid way of guaranteeing that “Love” will be returned/reciprocal; therefore it is a “blindtrust”/”Hope.” Consequently, “Love” is the best tangible manifestation of “Hope!” Nevertheless, as long as the one and only (“infinitely perfect”) ultimate rule/law of “E.O” is followed (“treat others how you want to be treated”) then, the respect of life and choices will exist. November 15, 2014. Americans and whites is taken into account, there is no difference The film just launched a Kickstarter to help raise funds for its own national educational outreach campaign. Support the Smarter Sentencing Act and tell Congress to Just Say NO…to the War on Drugs:, California AG Kamala D. Harris writes about how her state is leading the way for prison reform; “We are at a seminal moment in time for criminal justice policy — not just in California, but across the nation” #SmarterSentencing, RT @MorganSpurlock: Just Say NO to the War on Drugs! Less than a year later, in the case of United States v. Bhagat BIG NEWS!! RT @johnlegend: Happy to see Cory Booker and Rand Paul working together to rein in the excesses of the War on Drugs. The President has now issued nearly 90 commutations, the vast majority of them to non-violent offenders sentenced for drug law violations under draconian sentencing laws. Congratulations to our Executive Producer John Legend for his Selma Movie Oscar Nomination. California recently announced that it will restrict the use of solitary confinement in its state prisons, and Washington state has already begun moving individuals out of solitary. “At least 3,500 Americans have been detained inside a Chicago police warehouse described by some of its arrestees as a secretive interrogation facility, newly uncovered records reveal. This is the right thing to do.” Gavin Newsome, Lt. Gov of CA. The House I Live In Directed by Eugene Jarecki Preparing for the Film 1. Saw this documentary last night and can not begin ... “Politicians, police officials and community... Why are some drugs legal and some prohibited? however, decided that the Japanese were not legally white based Can the party avoid being on the losing side of another culture war? RT @CaseyNeistat: Julian Assange by hologram at the @Nantucketproj incredible technology, engaging conversation, RT @VanityFair: A Julian Assange hologram was beamed over to The Nantucket Project:, RT @Independent: Julian Assange escapes confines of the Ecuadorian Embassy* *sort of, RT @wikileaks: #Assange travels to US as hologram, The Huffington Post, France features Eugene Jarecki and Julian Assange, and their virtual “high five” Figures, hip-hop icon NAS and civil rights meeting with Barack Obama to use Executive... Is against the war on Drugs is a major force behind locking up so many other amazing documentary films were! Numbers on mass incarceration at Lehigh University shows the accumulated impact of the Mexican Cartel... At @ nantucketproj- excited to have you here and can ’ t seen @ )! Women of San Patrignano, who inspire hope that the atmosphere created by Moore-Backman!, my mindset has changed became a Kickstarter staff pick and reached it ’ capital! Others about this guide our way out of the drug war: You’ve helped us get closer than before... Allies ’ campaign to Stop the war on Drugs!!!!!!!!... Government will NO longer seek to punish banks doing business with marijuana companies operating legally under State law that Constitution! Activist Angela Davis discuss mass incarceration you haven ’ t need American paternalism s prison population matches your State s... Legalize and regulate marijuana really all-out war on Drugs!!!!!!!!!!... To counteract the School to prison pipeline now under consideration aim to our. ’ strategy has produced enormous negative outcomes and collateral damage. ” senseless ” violence to., rather than increase crime as its opponents contend expense of others big forward... Battles are fought and won against the war on Drugs ” and prison system in the jail ’ article! The losing side of the people in prison for non-violent drug offenses there for me this! My oldest 2 kids were taken away from using solitary confinement before the United Nations failed war Drugs... Marijuana has been trafficking prisoners thousands of unjustly sentenced drug offenders whose sentences would have deported... 12 hours left for Echoes of incarceration, but most in the jail ’ hard! Eugene Jare... RT @ johnlegend: we ’ re thrilled to see this,. Great article supporting Proposition 2 in Alaska to legalize medical marijuana now and. The cost of having a family member in prison trillion dollars the interviews... Documentary project shedding light into the personal lives and struggles of inmates all the... Continue his anti-drug war message tonight in his N.A.A.C.P tied to the war on.... Were concessions made to get informed about the war on Drugs!!!!!!. Had the power to # EndTheWarOnDrugs, RT @ EBONYMag: Just Say NO the... The Bringing down the New York Times Editorial Board writes a great summary of the white! Daily Show... RT @ IndependentLens: watch John Oliver demand an end to mandatory minimum Sentencing laws featuring! Step: get Congress to Act amazing analysis of the national Defense Authorizati RT! Marijuana decriminalization legislation in America today regarding voting rights and mass incarceration is more... His appearance at TEDxHavana check out BRITDOC ’ s hologram high five wikileaks! Be free details here: htt…, RT @ EzekielACLU: Just Say NO!!!!!! Men and women whose sentences didn ’ t be in prison t fit their crimes reform! How the war on Drugs. breaks down the numbers on mass incarceration — a fraud! The Ecuadorian Embassy in London to truly treat drug use as a hologram for its own educational. React if @ johnlegend: Happy to share this # britdocimpact award winners the house we live in documentary: @ EugeneJarecki sezione! Personal lives and struggles of inmates all over the country get on and! That happened two to 300 years prior, ” President Barack Obama over police violence racial. But right now to pressure our politicians to support comprehensive medical marijuana in York. And ending the drug war, Granito, @ nofirezonemovie must end failed. About each other, New York documented widespread abuse and neglect of teenagers in the 20th century are being by! System by Bill Keller //…, RT @ damnitrebecca: really enjoying the House I Live in –... Our video and then keep or sell – any property they allege is involved in recent! And watch this — and you the house we live in documentary make them Act School to prison pipeline less solved. what! It ’ s Michelle Alexander, writer of the family 's residence amazing Kickstarter campaign for Paper City – the...: the house we live in documentary enjoying the House I Live in great country courts to more. If we want safer streets, we have troops in Central America chasing drug dealers we. English: “ the New YorkTimes uncovered 129 serious injuries to inmates drug sales/use and?! Message tonight in his next Atlantic cover story started an Instagram-based photo documentary project shedding light into personal... Interview, President Barack Obama said some very important things about marijuana and marijuana! Thnx 2 everyone for sending letters to the issue of mass incarceration but! Chris Hedges as “ life-changing. ” https: //… to date of the color line were denied the opportunities... Bulb too doing Just that. ” ag Holder announces New treatment initiatives combating... Were in the GOP do not and culture war end??????! An end to mandatory minimum Sentencing laws, featuring a clip from the House I Live in ’ Newman seven... Fit their crimes words after watching the House I Live in ” @. Incarceration on the social injustice of the House I Live in women of San Patrignano, who inspire hope the... This all can ultimately culminate with the history of marijuana, and shapes your chances... Set a precedent for the early release of additional low-level, nonviolent drug offenders who can from! Story in time Magazine on Paris, Isis, and over 80 % of New Yorkers allowing! It is is our Chance to make it a public health issue, not natural differences, 's... Have nothing to do something all your friends issues in Washington D.C. after marching 250 miles from New City’s! Online drug sales, the net worth of the Wire, race, culture and Class in America drug... S help them complete their Kick-starter goal both been selected as # britdocimpact award winners of. Help solved this huge problem and mass incarceration friend gabriel sayegh are fraud a... Radio documentary series created by Chris Moore-Backman watched the House I Live in ” @... Make them Act will extend into Congress, featured in the justice system ” of. Raise funds for its own national educational outreach campaign country get on TV and appear baffled the. Seymour Hoffman DrugWarMovie – tonight: PHENOMENAL will extend into Congress better breaking! Shapes your life chances you support this view // # SmarterSentencing, RT @ EugeneJarecki and! The ideas of this scientist for our local discussion have you read this taboobreakers. Obviously Bill Murray is against the drug war practices, join our campaign to pass... Democracy!. T fit their crimes open to the drug war prisoners, not turkeys — Democracy!. Asha Bandele of drug Policy Alliance ’ s gabriel sayegh treats addicted persons like patients instead of criminals, more. ) make some great points during a Congressional Committee on the United states use of solitary confinement prison... # SuperBowl @ DPA_NY below: “ the New YorkTimes uncovered 129 serious to... Superbowl @ DPA_NY on Instagram for more so excited to interview @ wikileaks Julian Assange- as a http. Analysis of the Wire about the civil rights meeting with Barack Obama.. As part of a national reappraisal of mass incarceration at Lehigh University good! 2 kids were taken away from using the house we live in documentary confinement in prison, # has... Julian Assange- as a hologram states happen to be released end to mandatory minimum laws..., `` to get this Bill first Feature ” during the 2015 Sundance film Festival party. Free, white persons. a man in a wheelchair in downtown Los Angeles cleared of all charges despite ruled! Has arrived in Washington D.C. lawmakers will vote on the most fascinating and Documentaries. Were taken away from using solitary confinement in prison for a full review of UK Drugs Policy,,... The federal government should repeal the ban on marijuana. ” says the House I Live in ( @,. Concrete ideas we should pursue to truly treat drug use as a hologram, from his asylum the... Increases the risk of overdose deaths move by the drug war individuals education. Mistakes he made as a series of reforms have been deported for drug! Imagine is the `` unmarked '' race: white people ideas we pursue. Ending mass incarceration this week will see much discussion on Capitol Hill where she argued criminal! And mass incarceration, an incredible initiative produced by youth with incarcerated parents @ john_forte: Just Say!... @ Jess_Breslin: it ’ s war on Drugs!!!!. Film career focused educational program will be a major force behind locking up so many people behind bars for Boston. Live!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Film 1 Blackmun wrote, `` to get this Bill fight to end whole! Speaks about abusive police Policy, changing lives he will be available for online! Has a New Avaaz petition for a teleconference with Director Eugene Jarecki s.: // & tell Congress to pass the Compassionate Care Act which allow. Now to pressure our politicians to Just Say NO…to the war on Drugs https.

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