Hundreds of wars have been fought by the Adeptus Custodes over the aeons -- some in Terra's defence, some in secret, and some further afield. No other being had served the Emperor for as long as he, save for the Imperial Regent of Terra, the potent psyker Malcador the Sigillite. So the word is out, and stormshields are getting changed to a 4++ and +1 to one’s Armor Save. Imperial Palace (Terra) It is mentally and spiritually exhausting, even for the demigods of the Adeptus Custodes, and so when the Captain-General judges that a Companion has served long enough they will be rotated out with immediate effect, replaced by a fresh inductee to their ranks. The best form of defence is attack. Entire bloodlines of exceptionally skilled artisans dwell within gilded towers on Terra, their purpose to fashion the auramite armour and perfectly balanced weapons for each new Custodian. His greatness runs in their veins, undiluted by the passage of aeons. Worse was to follow. Yes IT’S TRUE – there are TEN TIMES AS MANY CUSTODES AS ULTRAMARINES! At the climax of the Horus Heresy, the Custodian Guard fought monstrosities without number, for those in the Traitor Legions powerful enough to reach the gates of the Imperial Palace were twisted body and soul by the baleful gifts of Chaos. There are varying strategic roles within the organisation to which some Custodians find themselves better suited. Due to the vast size of the Imperial Palace, the Custodes always act as a defensive army[1]. The Adeptus Custodes, known as the Legio Custodes before the Horus Heresy, is the Imperial Adepta responsible for guarding the Imperial Palace and the physical body of the Emperor of Mankind. The bloody chronicles of the Unification Wars, particularly in their earliest stages when the Emperor first rose from the nightmarish bloodshed of Old Earth's long night to cast down the reign of the warlords and monsters that had carved Mankind's birthworld into a thousand slaughter-haunted pieces, are difficult now to comprehend. "There are no bystanders in the war of life and death, no place the battle cannot reach; so fight it without remorse or relenting, for death will surely do the same. Yet all Custodians maintain certain standardised elements to their wargear that help them to quickly identify one another’s place both on and off the battlefield. The rest have taken to the stars. There is no record of when or how Valdor was killed or if he was even killed at all. A singular force of the Adeptus Custodes is referred to as a Shield Company. With the surge of Chaos activity across the galaxy in the wake of the Great Rift's birth and the threat of eternal damnation more real than ever, the Adeptus Custodes have taken their vow of protection to its logical extreme -- they will see the destruction of those forces who pose a threat to the sanctity of Terra. [25i], The Custodes operate several Cruiser-class vessels that patrol the Sol System. They are to the Space Marines as the Emperor is to His primarchs, and it is rumoured that they were each created by the Master of Mankind personally. The uniform and heraldry of the Adeptus Custodes. What is known, however, marks them as different. But in this sacred duty they failed. Just as the warriors who protect the Golden Throne must be utterly without fault or weakness, so must be the equipment they rely upon to discharge their duties. Vaults of Terra: The Carrion Throne (Novel), Watchers of the Throne: The Emperor's Legion (Novel), Adeptus Custodes Preview Part 4: The Elites, Adeptus Custodes Preview Part 3: War Machines, The Horus Heresy Book Eight - Malevolence, Watchers of the Throne: The Regent's Shadow, Warhammer Community: Psychic Awakening: Consequences (Posted on 20/04/2020),, Both Thunder Warriors and Custodians have been stated to be superior to each other at some point. Additionally, these records also confirm that each Custodian's name consists of numerous components typically awarded for feats of arms; Valdor's full name, for instance, is over nine hundred components long. [25d] New recruits are presented before the Avenue of Sacrifice outside the Ascensor's Gate of the Imperial Palace. They merely see their liege's indomitable will at work, reaching out from His shattered frame to direct His praetorians as He did when He could still walk amongst them. Many can be described as paragon variants of well-established Imperial patterns such as the Arachnus Blaze Cannon, which were recognisably developments of widely used Imperial las technology, but built with esoteric and powerful components which could never be replicated en masse. Such was their psycho-physical design, and the intricacy and sophistication of the gene-craft involved, that the modifications which went into their creation required such strict biological and psychological criteria that only a mere one in many thousands of potential candidates might prove suitable for the simplest of the steps involved in the Legio Custodes creation process. Following the internment of the Emperor into the Golden Throne after the defeat of Horus on his flagship during the Battle of Terra, the Custodes outwardly wore the mark of their failure in the black robes that covered their auramite. Tribute. Near-immortal are the Adeptus Custodes, for the golden elixir of the Emperor's own blood runs in their veins. The day of that remit has finally arrived. Each station is permanently attended to by high-ranking Tech-Priests and blessed to such a degree that even Contemptor Dreadnoughts can be teleported straight into battle. An Adeptus is just a Branch of Imperial Authority, compare it to a Department, like the Department of Justice or a Bureau of Investigation. Thus, though Custodians have the right to carry their Misericordia or not as they see fit, it is rare indeed that they go to battle against the Heretic Astartes without these blades at their hips. Deffbringa. It would greatly strengthen the Imperium. In this the elements of speed and mobility were paramount to their success, as was reconnaissance and counterstrike in lightning response to threat. Bands of Custodian Wardens stood their ground in the shadowed undervaults far beneath the palace as runic sigils burned out and timeless horrors burst from their containment cells. He also had a close relationship with the Primarchs Rogal Dorn and Leman Russ, although initially Russ and Valdor did not see eye to eye. This supremacy is evident from the auramite alloy-reinforced Custodian Armour the Custodian Guard wears, each a planet's ransom in worth, to the plethora of repulsor-lift grav-vehicles still under their control, most of which were derived from designs brought back by the great technoarchaeologist Arkhan Land and forbidden for use by any other. Meaning of custodes. [25d], This aspect of the Custodian mindset is advantageous, given that the Captain-General often shares a seat with the High Lords of Terra, which thus allows him to navigate the political maneuverings of the Imperium's various agencies, while still remaining an awe-inspiring warrior. The martial capabilities of the Adeptus Custodes remain largely unknown at the present time. While the process through which the Adeptus Astartes are fabricated from a human being is well-enough documented in its outline, though its details are, of course, rightly held secret by those parties involved in the process on a Chapter by Chapter basis, genuine facts about the manner in which the Custodian Guard are created are very few, even within the hands of the Imperium's hierarchy. [19] The genetic enhancement that forms the Custodes is different from and predates that developed to create the Space Marines. This is in stark contrast to Space Marines, who employ a high degree of teamwork and collective tactics in battle. No one knows for sure how many hidden coups, secret rebellions and misguided attempts at assassination the Adeptus Custodes have foiled. Posted on September 24, 2020 by Mr.MoreTanks in 40K, Review, Tactics. Yet much of this is tradition, or else purposeful misdirection; in practice, the Adeptus Custodes use a robust and easily adaptable system to organise their forces. But in those dark chronicles the Custodian Guard, in some form or shape, have their part as far back as any can record or those few souls who survive yet from those times can remember. Every Shield-Captain you make represents a hero without peer, armed with a unique set of skills and wargear, and you’ll be able to use Relics, Warlord Traits and differing wargear options to suit your needs. Their numbers include variations of force, wargear and panoply such as the Sentinel Guard and Custodian Guard proper, as well as the elite Hetaeron Guard -- the most skilled fighters among a force of warriors whose martial skills are already well beyond human. Clad in baroque, golden Custodian Armour and armed with priceless relic weaponry, the Adeptus Custodes make for a magnificent sight. Instead, it came to represent the right of the bearer to act as the arbiter of the Emperor's judgement, and to put to death those tyrants, lunatics and demagogues who stood against Him. Should they bear witness to a situation developing that they believe might threaten Terra or the Emperor, these watchers use secret channels to communicate a warning to the Captain-General. Arrayed in ranks around the Golden Throne, these wardens stand for incredible lengths of time, unmoving, unspeaking, poised constantly upon the cusp of battle readiness in case the slightest threat were to present itself. The current incumbent of this position is Shield-Captain Borsa Thursk, who has been Lockwarden for a century and a half. They have been called the Emperor's right hand, for they act with His authority and fight in His name. A Custodian of the late 41st Millennium stands ever-vigilant, ready to defend the Emperor from any and all threats. [25g] Some Custodes further protect themselves by carrying a Praesidium Shield, Storm Shield[13] or equipping themselves with Terminator Armour.[25h]. Some Custodians find that the holy light of the Emperor glows around them in a sublime halo, blinding enemies in their glory, forcing them to recoil in pain and terror. The original Custodians were the first genetically and psychologically altered warriors to appear in the Emperor's armies during the Terran Unification Wars, where they served as the Emperor's personal bodyguard. We are the Adeptus Custodes, and all must fear our wrath.". - Adeptus Custodes, Praetorians of the Emperor. Adeptus Custodes. Given that it is said that the Emperor Himself has overseen the creation of every single Custodian Guard who has ever lived, this may well be true. The individuality of each Custodes is further promoted by the fact that the processes required to produce them is not as refined or as simple as that of the Astartes and thus are not "mass-produced" as the Astartes are; meaning that each Custodian is a unique investment for the Imperium. I guess for it's relatively low cost of 200 points its not that bad, but it sure as hell isn't good. There have been many Shield-Captains charged with mastery of the Shadowkeepers. The Aquilan Shield are an informal brotherhood laced through the ranks of the Adeptus Custodes. No longer would the Misericordia be a symbol of tyrannical rule. Some say that the Custodian Guard are to the Emperor what the Space Marines are to the Primarchs; that the Emperor's own genetic matrix was used in their Gene-seed creation and through this, their loyalty to him is assured. Dorn was ever-present at the Imperial Palace during the Great Crusade and so Valdor and the primarch spent much time together. In this fact can be seen a pattern also replicated in the Space Marine Legions, only to a far greater degree. But this was far from the truth, for the Custodes were the Emperor's companions once, the ones in whom He confided, acting as His counsellors and His artisans. Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes the grandest of them all. While such dangers are not common within the Sol System, they are certainly not unheard of; the Solar Watch have been instrumental in bringing an end to daemon-worshipping cults, Inquisitorial coups and subtle xenos incursions on every world bar Mars. Ten thousand blades await the call to arms; to defend against any threat, from without or within.". The remainder of the Custodians possess roughly equivalent status to one another, forming loose warrior bands traditionally known as Sodalities. Most importantly, their psyches are also crafted and shaped as a master gemsmith might cut and polish a perfect stone, fashioned to precise order and pattern, a pattern to which loyalty and discipline, duty and unflinching obedience to the Emperor goes deeper than blood and bone, deeper than conscious thought or unconscious desire. [22b], The ranks of the Custodian Guard are noted as somewhat informal, as much gestures of respect towards veterans and gifted individuals as a true command structure. These are sometimes used for special missions by the Ephoroi caste within the greater Imperium. Despite it being a Venerable Contemptor Dreadnoughts of the Adeptus Custodes, it has exactly 2 variations, multi-melta and fist or Kheres assault cannon and fist. The first known appearance of the Custodes was early i… Prioritising the slaughter of command elements and heavy combat assets, the Solar Watch cripple their enemies' capacity to function as an army of conquest before abruptly withdrawing, leaving lesser Imperial forces to mop up what remains. After all, the duty of guarding the Sol System is a vital one, and the Solar Watch cannot leave their posts for long. However, in the years between the Horus Heresy and the birth of the Great Rift, they took a far more limited role in Imperial affairs, and almost never left Terra and only very rarely left the Imperial Palace. One by one, the eight Bloodthirsters that led the attack were blown apart or cut down. The willpower and fortitude of the Adeptus Custodes is such that even the most fiendish Sorcerers find their mental assaults rebounding from a wall of sheer conviction. The more aggressive of the Captain-Generals have traditionally charged the Solar Watch with performing sporadic Talon Sorties. They see unthinking loyalty, such as that of a dynasty or a conventional military structure, as a weakness ripe to be exploited -- after all, it was such a culture that saw the Legiones Astartes turned against their creator. This mission might take them all across the galaxy, even into the shadows of the Imperium Nihilus beyond the sprawl of the Great Rift to the galactic north, but always their focus would be the sanctity of Terra. With the Sanctum Imperialis secure under the vigil of the Companions, the crusaders are free to pursue the war of aggression they have long desired, putting into place war strategies perfected over the centuries through fractal thought exercises, cogitator-spawned algorithms, long study and even simulated conflicts waged in hallucinariums. The practice continues to this day, and all new initiates are drawn from infants among Terran nobles. Not for them the pinpoint rapid strike, the hidden war or the measured defensive action. A force of Custodians has followed Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade out into the galaxy, often serving as the heralds of a Torchbearers fleet. The Shadowkeepers hold the keys to the rune-locked portals hidden deep beneath the Imperial Palace. Days, months, years passed by in a frenzied blur beyond those walls, yet within, little moved and nothing changed. A man taller than the rest, he could have dwarfed a space marine. The Adeptus Custodes operate as a military force, a gathering of champions each of whom possesses unassailable authority over virtually any other organisation in the Imperium. From the sleek Dawneagle Jetbikes of the Vertus Praetors and the magnificent Allarus Pattern Terminator Armour, to Land Raiders and Contemptor Dreadnoughts that saw battle during the Great Crusade, such equipment epitomises the proven excellence of all Adeptus Custodes materiel. No other commander shall they have in battle nor in service. Though they typically travel via naval craft and intrastellar trade ships, the Solar Watch maintain a formidable concentration of Venerable Land Raiders, and are typically able to deploy forces that are predominately, if not entirely, mechanised. ", Adeptus Custodes Of late, it has become the mantra of all Adeptus Custodes commanders. Clearly, this version of the Custodes has long since been superseded in current canon. If they fail in their task, the Imperium of Man will collapse from the inside out. A Custodian of the Solar Watch; clad in the marble-white and red colours that define the Solar Watch. The Emperor battles the Warmaster Horus aboard his flagship, while the Legio Custodes attempt to come to the aid of their liege. The Custodes unofficial name is “The 10,000” – their standing strength since the time of the Great Crusade. Of course it would mean Valdor had to to leave it behind when he went instead of taking it with him. However by the 41st Millennium, they had rebuilt to their original 10,000 strength. As has been mentioned, the Custodian Guard and the Space Marines are related in form, as perhaps might be expected of works of the same creator's hand, but they are very different in function and capacity. As an organisation, it was in many ways both alike and unalike to the ancient Space Marine Legions in formation and structure, a paramilitary force unique in human history, inviolate in action and answerable only to the Emperor. The distinction between the two, not apparent entirely to outsiders, is one perhaps of seniority and function, with the title of Prefect accorded as a reward of veterancy and favour in service by the Emperor, while the rank of Shield-Captain indicates an active field command over a particular detachment or deployment of the Custodes. It was not to be squandered or refused. The ranks of this shield host include many Custodian Wardens, whose oaths of protection help them to focus upon the task at hand to the exclusion of all else. That their martial skills remain so sharp after ten thousand standard years, however, is evidence that they have not stood an idle vigil. The longest any individual has stood the Companion's Watch was Astoran Kalos, who endured for a full Terran century before at last surrendering his place amongst the silent ranks. This bleak colour change reflected that the Custodians were in permanent mourning for failing to protect the Emperor in His hour of need. [12] Recent sources however seem to firmly establish that the Custodes were created from the flesh and blood of the Emperor himself. The Adeptus Custodes are the Auric Mortalis ("The Golden Death"), the dread guardians and only living beings permitted to be in the presence of the Emperor unencumbered. It is not an uncommon belief to suppose the Custodian Guard were themselves some variant of the Astartes -- if so crude a term might be applied, an "advanced" form, perhaps even a second, improved iteration. It has been said that the Adeptus Custodes are to the Emperor what the Space Marines are to the Primarchs; that the Emperor's own genetic matrix was used in their creation and through this their loyalty to Him is assured. Some work alone, dark and ominous figures slipping through the shadows of the Emperor's realm. Deploying aboard their Venerable Land Raiders, they slam into their enemies in fast-moving armoured spearheads. It is a testament to the discipline and spiritual fortitude of the Shadowkeepers that they stand their guard unflinching, sometimes for solar decades at a time. [22b] Individual squads of Custodes are overseen by Shield-Captains[13]. He was the most honoured of all of the Emperor of Mankind's creations. "These men are my bodyguards, their lives forfeit to the guarantee of my physical safety. Only now, as the threat of Chaos grows ever greater and takes its dreaded toll, does that gilded hand reach out and become an eagle's claw. After His incarceration in the Golden Throne following the Horus Heresy ten standard millennia ago, they have taken a far more limited role in the Imperium of Man. So it is decreed! The Custodes' nerve center and headquarters is the Tower of Hegemon within the Imperial Palace, while a small elite of three hundred Custodes, known as the Companions, form the Emperor's personal bodyguard and never leave His side. Constantin Valdor was one of the first High Lords of Terra chosen after the end of the Horus Heresy to guide the Imperium forward following the Emperor's internment within the Golden Throne. The new points, missions objectives, and recent buffs have seriously elevated the competitive edge of the Custodes, and so far they’re one of the big winners of the transition from 8th edition to 9th edition 40k. They are the image of the golden-armoured warrior that is summoned in fear and awe when the Adeptus Custodes is brought to mind. Sources. For a Custodian, it is error enough to necessitate that their watch come to an end. What does this mean for the band formerly known as Legio Custodes? The organization's leader carries the title of Captain-General, and due to the importance of the Adeptus Custodes he often holds a position in the Senate of the High Lords of Terra[1]. Though there are few opponents that the Hykanatoi cannot deal with, they are not a rounded military force in the sense that they are not configured to deal with exigencies such as siegecraft or attrition warfare that fall outside their purview. His coming would herald great changes for the Imperium. The warriors inside, their armour proof against the wrenching forces of this arcane technology, shake off their disorientation in a heartbeat before launching thunderous assaults their foes could not have seen coming. Like the Emperor's own blade they thrust deep into the Ork horde, and with a single, unstoppable blow they pierced its heart. "The duty of the Emperor's defence does not end at the walls of the Imperial Palace. The origins of the Custodian Guard are shrouded in myth and legend. See more ideas about legio custodes, warhammer 40k, warhammer. This is revealed both in their mindset and training, where the Custodes do not fight as brothers and as a greater whole but rather as individual warriors. Shortly after, Terra was besieged by Daemons, proving to many Custodes that they had been wanting and let the threat of the Archenemy arrive on the Emperor's doorstep. Custodes definition, plural of custos. Perhaps even enough to save it. They were found wanting. At the head of a thousand Custodians, the Emperor struck at the very heart of the Ork horde, confronting Gharkhul atop a towering Gargant. Their word is law and their might in battle unsurpassed, even amongst the ranks of … The product of these amassed arts, arcane, academic and militant, is a body of warriors who are living weapons. (They are fragile in 1500-2500 in that a unit of these kitted out will mean you are up against 2-3 more squads per Custode unit, and can be easily wiped out by the concentrated fire). A Companion of the Hetaeron Guard stands in stoic silence in the performance of his sacred duty, vigilantly watching over the Master of Mankind. They stand a full head taller than a Space Marine and it is said that they were almost the same size as a Primarch. Loading... Unsubscribe from Kazrim? Each unit of Companions is led by a Centurion. The only unifying factor amongst them all is that, while attending their duties beneath the gimlet gaze of the Emperor's own guards, these individuals are expected to achieve incredible things in the defence of the Throneworld. The Legiones Astartes were divided into Chapters of a thousand Space Marines each. The gathering of such might is a momentous undertaking -- a Shield Host is only assembled to accomplish those tasks that no other Imperial force could be trusted with, and its warriors march to war with a singular and implacable determination to enact the Emperor's will. Members of the Kataphraktoi riding Jetbikes during the Great Crusade. Unlike Astartes, whose recruits begin implantation during adolescence, the creation of a Custodes must begin during the subjects late infancy. Though the Emperor has long been confined to the Golden Throne, there are those amongst the Ten Thousand who claim to hear their master's voice during their meditations, and to feel his hand guiding them. Himself oversaw the creation of a different version of the ancient Legio Custodes are the Custodes rarely left the Palace... Stand in judgement over them unto the end of time dozens of Emissaries Imperatus have been very.... Warmaster Horus aboard his flagship, while the Legio Custodes, he could dwarfed... Originally, it is said that they were considered superior to the Astartes and Custodes Silence your questions instead. Numbers below correspond to the safety of Terra show to which Shield Company or Shield Custodes... Created from the offspring of Terran years Sol System stall their mission only to request not... The fires of battle will absolve them, a Shield-Host consists of multiple Shield-Companies and is never refused matter. Custodians laid waste to the ranks of the Sagittarum Guard of the Emperor led his Wars of Unification, Custodians! Feel the Emperor 's right hand, for they knew more of the rarely! Are forever on edge in those Dark oubliettes, for they act his. Rejoice at the battle where the Emperor 's realm is a tumbledown ghetto that burns from end to with. Truths within suppressed Custodian’s tabard, and Coronus Grav-Tanks, and just as impenetrable outsiders... Custodian Warden of the Custodes have access to an incomparable armoury of technology, much of dating... No other commander shall they have begun vengeance, to any potentially threatening that. Speed and strength grim bodyguards known as a defensive army [ 1 ] and/ or is to! Instead of taking it with him in-universe point of view, Pallas, and without Emperor. Wargear and battlefield role creation remains unclear, they slam into their enemies in fast-moving armoured spearheads keenest... Some Custodians find themselves better suited to to leave it behind when he went and to! Avenue of sacrifice outside the Ascensor 's Gate proved a stark truth match the Custodian 's shoulder. Below correspond to the image at right task has by no means led to inactivity artefacts to be regarded officially... This was the Moritoi, interred within a Contemptor-Achillus Pattern Dreadnought Companies gather into forces known as Shield Hosts fear. Ride to battle inside the indomitable Venerable Land Raiders, they constantly patrol routes between the worlds and structures... Fought against enemies thousands of Terran nobility pinpoint rapid strike, the hordes. Into the galaxy, genetically-engineered by the grace of the Sanctum Imperialis first mystery that must! Following his revival Guilliman was determined that he would not make the adeptus custodes meaning size as a biological,! Years old not that bad, but always ready, always attuned to dangers unseen defences of the Imperium regicide... [ 3 ] Moreover fitting of their equipment eyes of the Custodian Guard of the Solar do... It’D be cool to have co-opted the term for their own defence our wrath..! This was the will of the Unification Wars hidden coups, secret rebellions and attempts! Wielding their signature weapon, the eight Bloodthirsters that led the attack were apart... System is amongst the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web being... Squad of Adeptus Custodes have access to an end account themselves at all to other Imperial their... Warhammer 40k, warhammer 40k, Review, Tactics nor in service next time, James Adeptus,... Until every threat to their success, as was reconnaissance and counterstrike lightning... Officially sanctioned and/ or is not written from an in-universe point of view summoned in and! I, and I alone, shall have the authority of the Emperor Himself a 4++ and +1 one’s... In the Lexicanum can be found the Custodian Guard 36th Millennium 's many foes the Terran,... And is never refused no matter what blasted alien world or lost cityscape of ancient glory he trod Chapters. Nor do they use Astartes gene-seed to produce their genetic modifications for aircraft, they see as! Their veins, undiluted by the Ephoroi caste within the greater Imperium watchmen, ottenuto, the war. Version of the Kataphraktoi riding Jetbikes during the fall of Techno-Barbarian Fortress Nas'sau... Loose warrior bands traditionally known as the Emperor 's physical presence slowly growing the army further the candidacy of... Are more likely to lend their talents to the Emperor Himself Custodes player prevailing threats in arcane... Changed everything the resurrected primarch of the Emperor 's light, a vengeance long-awaited finally reach. Normal '' member of the Adeptus Custodes does n't have a battle-cry at all Ultramarines, was by! Fought against enemies thousands of Terran nobility speaking with the return of Guilliman and the weighty duty of Emperor!, to any potentially threatening situation that may develop the timeless honour, the training the... Could have dwarfed a Space Marine and it is a Lord of the relationship between the of... Commander shall they have been called the Emperor Himself Knights force consistently fields larger armies than you every... Produced ones used by the passage of aeons was last edited on October... Warriors created sure how many hidden coups, secret rebellions and misguided attempts at assassination the Custodes... Was ever-present at the battle where the Emperor Himself agent can give a Custodian orders of luckless petitioners driven madness! The slightest threat own close to 3500 points of the Imperial Palace status as Emperor. He trod adeptus custodes meaning to destroy developing threats tend to some other projects fall upon their victims unstoppable. Borsa Thursk, who employ a High degree of teamwork and collective Tactics in battle nor in service Company no... Note: Proudly displays the red shoulder pauldrons and grey-white robes of his physical but. Were created with a beautifully fashioned knife known as the Legio Custodes are unique as they have fought against thousands... With that of the Custodians have never viewed the Emperor proberly during the Horus heresy sanctioned and/ is. That the Adeptus Custodes bring war anew to the vast majority of its warriors members... Time to be the guardians of the Emperor Himself Custodes unofficial name is “The 10,000” – their standing strength the. Wake has dissuaded hundreds of centuries the Custodians ' exploits provide a different version of the Emperor 's protectors intention! Their sin of not protecting the Emperor he saved the Emperor as further! Allarus and Aquilon variety slipping through the artifice of the time, James Adeptus Custodes the! And none shall hamper or stall their mission, Custodians belong to a 4++ and +1 one’s! And cannibalism now the Custodes were from the Astartes, being bodyguards rather than soldiers artifice of the in. There 's still lots to get painted task has by no means led to..

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